Generally speaking, you may visit this Website without providing personal data. If you choose to do so, your personal data will be used in accordance with the current legislation in Spain (Law 15/1999). For more information on our confidentiality principles and notices, please read below.




For some time now, Manpower has recognised the importance of keeping the personal details of its employees, candidates, clients, suppliers and associates confidential. The nature of our business obliges us to compile and manage this type of information, and we have a responsibility to protect it while it is in our possession. At Manpower, respect for our employees, candidates, clients, suppliers and associates is part of our core values and our commitment to ethical conduct in the provision of services.

To support such obligations, Manpower has created a set of global data protection principles to guide it in its efforts to maintain the confidentiality, treatment and protection of personal and sensitive data.

At Manpower, we respect your confidentiality in the following manner:

· By publishing confidentiality notices which explain how and why we manage personal data.

· By respecting your options with regard to how we compile, use and share your data, wherever appropriate.

· By compiling, using and retaining only personal data which is relevant and useful to our business relationship.

· By making a reasonable effort to maintain personal data accurate and up to date.

· By using security methods to protect personal data.

· By limiting access to personal data and its divulgation.

· By retaining only the personal data which is necessary in order to fulfil our legal and business obligations.

· By offering you the possibility of viewing and updating your personal data, wherever appropriate.

· By giving you the opportunity to ask questions and make complaints about confidentiality.


For more information on our confidentiality procedures for individuals, read the following notice:


Manpower’s Confidentiality Notice for Candidates:


In accordance with the provisions established in Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, for the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, "LOPD"), MANPOWER TEAM E.T.T., S.A. U., hereinafter Manpower, informs you that it will treat your personal data, together with your photograph (if also supplied), in order to fulfil the following aims:


1) to establish and maintain contractual relations with you


2) to evaluate your suitability for an employment post or task, and to notify you of job opportunities, to offer you training and career change services, and to manage contracts and allocations


3) for processes of evaluation, selection and professional improvement


4) to inform you of products and services we offer related to our activity


5) to manage and defend against legal claims and actions, to comply with legal orders and other legal obligations or statutory requirements, and


6) to comply with obligations imposed by the law derived from the aforementioned aims


In accordance with articles 11) and 34e) of the LOPD, Manpower informs you that, in order to fulfil the aforementioned aims, the personal data you provide us shall be forwarded to third parties, such as MANPOWER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, S.L.U. or clients or potential clients of Manpower and, wherever applicable, accessed by third parties, including other Manpower group companies, such as MANPOWER Inc. in the United States, in order to carry out the services they provide for the aforementioned business, including third parties who, wherever applicable, are located in countries that do not offer a similar level of protection as the LOPD, such as the United States, and, in all cases, whenever required to do so, in accordance with rules of mandatory compliance, for example, in virtue of a judicial order, for the aforementioned aims.

In all cases, Manpower will have taken the necessary steps to ensure that all personal data is forwarded or accessed in accordance with the law.

More information on the confidentiality policy and principles of Manpower is available at

Furthermore, we inform you of your rights to access, rectify, cancel or challenge your personal data via the Internet at or by post at MANPOWERTEAM E.T.T., S.A.U., C/Córcega, 418, 08037 Barcelona, under the terms established in the LOPD.


Acceptance of the present clause shall be deemed a declaration of the accuracy and veracity of the personal data you provide us, and consent for the data to be treated in the manner described above. Wherever applicable, we ask you to not to provide us your data or to express any reservations you may have, so that we may act accordingly.




Automatically collected data

Non-identifiable data – Like many other Internet sites, this Website automatically collects certain non-identifiable data in relation to users of the Website, such as the address of the Internet Protocol (IP) of your computer, the IP address of your Internet service provider, the date and time of the Website access, the Internet address of the website from which the direct connection to the Website was made, the operating system you use, the sections of the Website you visit, the pages of the Website you access and the information you view, in addition to the materials you upload onto or download from the Website. This non-identifiable data is used for the purposes of administration of the Website and the system, and in order to improve the Website. Your non-identifiable data may be divulged to third parties and stored permanently for future use.

Cookies – The Website uses "cookies", a technology which installs data on the computer of the Website user, so that the Website will recognise future visits from this computer. The cookies simplify the use of the Website. For example, the data provided via cookies is used to recognise you as a user that has already visited the Website, to track your activity on the Website and respond to your needs, to offer you a Website use with personalised information and content, to complete online forms with your personal data automatically and efficiently, and to simplify your Website experience in other aspects.

The advertisements displayed on the Website may also contain cookies and other technologies. Said advertisements may be provided by third party advertisers and Manpower has no control over and shall not be liable for the cookies or other technologies used in advertisements or for the use or divulgation of information compiled via the cookies of advertisements.

You can opt to reject cookies if your browser permits this, although this may affect your utilisation of the Website and your ability to access or use certain features of the Website.


Data used

Tracking data - Manpower may use non-personal information to create global data tracking reports, relating to the demographic details of Website users and the utilisation of the Website, and subsequently supply these reports to third parties. None of the tracking data contained in the reports may be linked to the identities or other personal data of individual users.


Other issues

Security - Manpower makes every effort to maintain its servers, applications and databases secure and free of any unauthorised access and use, by employing physical, administrative and technological measures aimed at protecting the information stored. Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee total security. If you are concerned about the security issues relating to certain personal data, please do not communicate them via the Internet.

Other websites – This Website may contain links to other websites or Internet resources. By clicking on one of these links, you will be redirected to another website or Internet resource which may compile information on you, either voluntarily or via cookies or other technologies. Manpower shall not liable be for and has no control over such websites or Internet resources, nor the manner in which they compile, use or divulge your personal data. You are advised to study the confidentiality policies of such websites and Internet resources, in order to understand the manner in which they compile and use data.

Modifications to the Confidentiality Notice – From time to time, and for any reason, Manpower may modify, complement or amend this Notice in relation to your future utilisation of the Website, and will publish the date of the modified Notice on the Website. The present notification was last updated on 21 February 2006.


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